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Ember JS Help

Posted by sshea on 2014-09-30

Twice now Chris Irish has been kind enough to show us EmberJS. It can be a powerful...

JOB :: Full-time Ruby/Rails Developer and Product Manager

Posted by rubyaz-admin on 2014-06-07

Matt Verbin from is looking for a full-time Ruby/Rails Developer and a...

Looking for a couple of Rails Developers -- Phoenix

Posted by sshea on 2014-05-30

Bob is looking for a couple of Rails developers to come and work with him at...

About Us


The Phoenix Ruby User group is a monthly meeting for Ruby enthusiasts in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Each month we try to have one or more presentations on current Ruby development.

We're always looking for people to give a talk; it needn't be fancy or formal. If you're working on something cool, or learned something new, come show it off.


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